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Lowering residual stresses of metals
Vibratory finishing - Mass Metal Finishing


We can meet your every need.

Metal Finish srl is synonymous with “mass finishing”, the term used to denote a series of manufacturing processes that permit large quantities of different types of metal parts to be finished simultaneously. The company occupies an area of 2500 m², including a covered area of 1600 m² and our cutting edge equipment enables us to offer customers a range of solutions for quality finishes.

“Our company stands out for its high flexibility and ef- ficiency in developing job orders, and in our ability to provide customised and additional processes.”

Ferdinando De Facci

Management system

La soddisfazione del cliente: un’assoluta priorità.

Metal Finish srl is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. Now we have also introduced the 6S QUALITY METHOD. For us, certification is both a goal and a starting point for optimising company procedures in order to guarantee the quality of our work.

The management system adopted by Metal Finish controls the entire work process, from the time the order is placed, through to the production of each single order, or part of it, which permits monitoring, in real time, of:
- progress,
- cost of the process,
- cost of the raw materials,
- actual processing time.